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JVL Echo
A technological tour de force, the ECHO is the only countertop in the world to feature a high-definition (HD) monitor, a state-of-the-art 3D graphics processor, and a five-speaker hi-fi sound system.

Immerse yourself in a three-dimensional world that engages your senses with razor-sharp images, crystal-clear sound, and an unrivalled gaming experience. Glide through the ECHO's intuitive graphical user interface to access more than 140 different games encompassing every genre: from action to strategy; cards, quizzes and puzzles - something to satisfy every interest.

Beyond cutting-edge technology, sleek styling and addictive game play, the ECHO also offers the option to select and stream music on demand with JVL's revolutionary Media Stream system. With countless of songs available instantly at your fingertips, enjoying your favorite music has never been so easy!

Mega Touch Aurora
With a beautiful rounded design and elegant multi-color lighting, the Merit Aurora is non-stop entertainment for any location. The brand new Aurora marks a revolutionary advance for Merit and touch-screen entertainment. The elegant and rounded design invites players with a dynamic multi-color light show that extends the game beyond the screen. The brand new Aurora-only feature include a dazzling interactive light show viewable from all angles, a big 17" LCD screen and improved joystick control. All erotic games now include the new Penthouse and Chippendales models. Erotic games can be turned on or off at any time.


Mega Touch RX
The Rx also builds on Merit’s development of hi-res (or high-definition) game support, dating back to Luxor in 2006 and continues Merit’s move to widescreen started with the Aurora WS. The media sidebar takes advantage of the extra screen size with much improved operator-ad capabilities, plus the Rx features fully-integrated credit card support to woo younger players. On the business side, the Rx optionally offers a subscription model for broadband-connected machines. Operators pay only a small monthly fee, which amounts to less than buying software kits, and always receive the latest software while never paying for or installing another kit.

Inspired by a request from the late Bob Anderson of San Diego-based Aztec Vending, Merit designed the low-profile Megatouch Rx to seamlessly integrate into the day-to-day operations of just about any location. Bartenders can now have unimpeded back and forth with customers and even serve drinks directly over the unit. The lower angle of the Rx’s 19” widescreen monitor keeps it out of the bartender’s eye line and is at an optimum height for player comfort.