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Golden Tee
Golden Tee LIVE, the groundbreaking iteration of the video golf phenomenon, was the first of its kind to utilize wireless technology (provided by Sprint®) to allow players to compete in real-time, worldwide Golden Tee tournaments. Golden Tee LIVE represents the future of video golf and out-of-home video game experiences.

Pitting video golfers across the world in head-to-head contests for prizes or glory, Golden Tee LIVE takes excitement to new heights by simply combining it with real-time competition. From the comfort of their local taverns and restaurants, thousands of players can play live and compete simultaneously while scores are updated universally, hole-by-hole.

Golden Tee LIVE 2012 introduces five brand new 18-hole courses with all new challenges and spectacular graphics. All the best features of the past six years have been redesigned and enhanced, and provides new player options and revenue sources for operators. With Golden Tee 2012, you'll find that Any Time is Tee Time!

Silver Strike Bowling
Since its introduction in the spring of 2004, Silver Strike has grown to become one of the most played games in restaurants and bars across the U.S. To attest to its popularity, operators voted it the 2005 Video Game of the Year in Play Meter Magazine. It can now also be found in more than 15,000 bars and locations around the world.

Silver Strike Bowler's Club, the first online version of SSB, provided players with the opportunity to win big with national contests and weekly sweepstakes. More than one million dollars in cash and prizes was awarded throughout the sweepstakes era!

Strike LIVE hit the streets in February of 2010 debuting groundbreaking features that connected players together more than ever. Customizable bowling equipment and bowlers as well as the addition of Prize Play brought the world's most famous virtual bowling franchise to another level. With Silver Strike LIVE – Every. Game. Counts.


Power Putt
Very few things remain entertaining from child to adulthood. You grow out of them, develop new passions and stray away from what was once made them great. Mini-golf, however, is a massive exception to this rule. It's timeless and the game's staying power is something unrivaled by most activities. Enter: PowerPutt LIVE.

PowerPutt LIVE launched in the spring of 2012 and took mini-golfing to the next level, and better yet, to the big screen!

From deep in the wilderness to the Great Pyramids of Egypt, the six unique courses take golfers to exotic locations around the world. PowerPutt has also gone online, which brought a welcomed competitive side to a casual game. Players can also test their mini-golfing skills against others from around the country in Daily Contests!

The local competition is still as strong as ever, but the game has been taken to an entirely different level. Easy to learn, tough to master, this is the way mini-golf was meant to be played!

Dirty Driving
Dirty Drivin' features 14 outrageous tracks, 10 extremely wild rides, and 100's of awesome vehicle upgrades. As with all Raw Thrills racing games, Dirty Drivin' is linkable to 8 positions. Dirty Drivin' also features our standard PIN account system, which builds player loyalty without expensive and high-maintenance card systems. Dirty Drivin' features true hi-def resolution, a 42" 1080p display, and a slick attention-grabbing cabinet.
And as with all Raw Thrills games, Dirty Drivin' is designed from the ground up for reliability and durability.


Buck Hunter World
Big Buck World makes it a truly global hunting experience and it will blow away locations while attracting new players with competitive game play and non-stop action.

Players can take aim at a staggering 17 animals that include the NEW Safari Outback animals: Ibex, Rusa Deer and Blackbuck. In addition, there are 18 Trophy Animals, 77 Crazy Critters, 51 Scenic Hunting Treks and 255 Hunting Sites that cross 4 continents including Africa, Australia, Asia and North America. This new title also offers 51 Bonus Games.

Terminator Salvation
Based on the Hit Movie! The newest arcade shooter is based on one of the all-time best-selling Sci-Fi franchises – Terminator. Terminator Salvation™ is sure to be a smash hit with arcade players and fans, capturing all of the thrills and excitement of the mega-hit movie and then some. No expense was spared in designing a cabinet that captures the essence that is Terminator Salvation™. Glowing neon rifle holders and a replica T-600 marquee topper with gleaming red eyes complete this ultimate “showcase” piece.

An impressive LCD panel puts players right on the firing line as droves of T-600 robots attempt to thwart their resistance. Heavy-duty recoiling rifles, showcasing a NEW “Clip” action reload feature, add a depth of realism unparalleled in any arcade shooter. Players can add to their arsenal by securing a number of distinct and explosive weapons to battle a variety of menacing combatants throughout the game. Every aspect of Terminator Salvation™ promotes high traffic, high replay and longevity in earnings!