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Arachnid Galaxy II
The Galaxy II Electronic Dart Board is made by Arachnid the leader in commercial grade arcade-style dart boards. This is the same soft-tip electronic dart game that can be played in arcades and taverns across the country but now you can bring real arcade gaming action to your own home.The Galaxy II Electronic Dart Board comes equipped with a flashy 19-inch full-color LCD monitor for easier viewing and superb color graphics. It also has a whole new set of inventive "Speed Games" that are sure to add an exciting twist to the game of darts. This dart board also features: Real arcade-style coin operation - you choose the cost or make it free! Missed dart detector All your favorite Cricket and O1 games plus new ones like BS Golf Fully lit target area illuminated from both sides Auto player change Selectable bull Full color 19-inch LCD monitor Handicapping Player name input and recognition Full tournament capabilities - create your own dart league!

Shelti Eye²
The tavern-tested Shelti Eye² combines the best features of past models with smart user-friendly updates in a structurally solid single piece base, with vinyl covered ¾" plywood cabinet. A familiar hinged cabinet design makes the game easy to set up, break down and transport. The back is fully enclosed with a locking door to provide protection and easy access to internal components.

Player enhancements include a new face-forward angled overhead scoring unit, universal 110v light and newly enlarged LCD display for optimal player viewing. The programming keypad, expandable controller design and engineered space for the addition of an aftermarket dollar bill acceptor are just a few features that help put you ahead of the game


With it's unique time limits games, Rapid Fire and Stop Watch, the new Cougar 8 provides you with the fastest way to increase dart game revenue! Players can adjust their shooting time to compensate for their individual degree of speed and skill. After each round, player's time handicaps are adjusted by Honest Ernie, the computer. Time is added or deducted according to player's skill level. A 9 round game featuring a different target each round. Hit the target and score increases. Miss the target and score splits in half.